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Ring and pinion gear sets

Remove the old gear set and thoroughly clean both the ring gear carrier and rear end housing with solvent. After cleaning, air dry all parts. STEP 2: Always verify you have the correct gear ratio that you have purchased. This can be checked by dividing the ring gear tooth count by the pinion tooth count (e.g., Ring gear tooth count - 35T,.

We have been through 3 sets of 9" gears trying to get rid of this whine!! I;m told by a builder here that the only way we are going to get quiet 9"ers (3:70's or 3:89;s) is by finding a set of genuine FRPP gears. Seeing as how Ford quit making em in 2004, it won;t be easy. Almost all the 9" gears are now made in Italy,some are cut here. Yukon Gear & Axle at CARiD: and pinion backlash settings determine how close the ring gear is to the pinion.Watch th.

USA Standard ZG D30R-513R USA Standard Ring and Pinion replacement gear set for Dana 30 Reverse rotation in a 5.13 ratio. CLICK HERE for More Details Part Number: ZG D30R-513R. $229.95. USA Standard ZG D30S-373TJ USA Standard Ring and Pinion replacement gear set for Dana TJ 30 Short Pinion in a 3.73 ratio.

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2005-2010 Mustang Ring & Pinion Gear Sets. If your S197 needs more get up and go off the line, replacing the stock highway gears with a higher numerical ratio set can knock seconds off your ET. We carry stronger ring & pinion aftermarket performance gear sets for the 2005-2010 Mustang 7.5" and later 8.8" ring gear diameter differentials.

1957-1964 pontiac and oldsmobile 9.3" rear end components - gear sets and new posi units -also spools -and axles - brakes -- everything for the 9.3" and much more - we sell new 4 and 5 speed transmissions as well.

Jun 01, 2015 · The planetary gear ratio equals the sum of the number of teeth on the sun and ring gear divided by the number of teeth on the sun gear. For example, a planetary set with a 12-tooth sun gear and 72-tooth ring gear has a gear ratio of 7:1 ([12 + 72]/12 = 7). Planetary gear sets can achieve ratios from about 3:1 to about 11:1..

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